Hi! My name is Shaunice Louise McFadden! I started my creative production agency originally because I'm an aspiring voice over actress and after listening to a podcast by Luuvie Ajayi & Yvonne Orji called 'Jesus and Jollof'  on an episode regarding making their name a business... I thought, "Well I should do that for being a Voice Over Actress!"  I then realized that starting my business was also my opportunity to utilize my many creative talents to help bring to life the vision of those around me. In 2016 I began taking graduation photos at the University of Florida. During that time, I struggled to choose one career as my many passions pulled me in various directions. At that time, there were two things I knew for sure – 1) I did not want to limit myself, and 2) I was skilled in multiple creative elements (photography, makeup, videography, creative visioning, show scripting, the list goes on…) With these talents and being an voice-over actress I can bring my innovative talents to my community while showcasing their stories the way they imagined.