Voice Over

    I am primarily adept at recording and delivering voice-overs for commercials, voicemails, audiobooks, podcasts, and cartoons/animations. My voice versatility and the styles best suited for my voice include announcements, girlish, upbeat, hip, feminine, child-like, informational, inspiring, perky, and storytelling roles. My voice age range is 12 to 20 years of age, and I consistently speak clearly and pleasingly.

    As a Voice Over Actress, I use my emotional intelligence and comprehension skills to accurately interpret scripts and bring the characters to life in the way the directors and writers intend. 

    Coaching is very important to my growth as a voice-over actress and actress in general. So I'm pleased to share that this summer I will be going to the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts for a month to learn and enhance acting techniques! The best thing about it is that I also get to take a VO Class! To hear more of this phenomenal journey and how you might help, click me now!

         My equipment includes a condenser mic, sound insulator, Focusrite audio interface, Garageband and Audacity. 

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