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About Me

My name is Shaunice Louise. Owner of Shaunice Louise LLC DBA Smile Now Photography

Greetings! I'm Shaunice Louise McFadden, the owner of all things Smile Now! The driving force behind my creative production agency Is my on going journey as an aspiring voice-over actress. I was inspired to turn my passion into a business—a brand not just for voice-over but for the art of storytelling itself. Before starting Smile Now I was reflecting on my crossroads between various passions. Amidst this, two truths emerged: I refused to be confined, and I possessed proficiency in a kaleidoscope of creative realms—photography, makeup, videography, creative visioning, show scripting, and beyond. Through my agency, I am dedicated to showcasing stories in a way that goes beyond expectations, ensuring they unfold precisely as envisioned. Step into a world where creativity knows no boundaries, and every story is a masterpiece waiting to be told.

Beautiful melanated women with red lip smiling ear to ear with long blondish dread extensions
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