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Join me in the most interactive picnic you'll ever experience! Meet me at Jacksonville Beach where you'll walk onto the sand and discover a nice table spread of an assortment of food and table decor. During This experience I'll tell you about our 7 beaches in Jacksonville and recommend the best Restaurants, Bars, and nightlife right at the beach so you don't have to travel far during your stay. With this experience you will dive into the food that is prepared for you but we will have an impromptu Photo experience where you will use the food prepared as props for the pictures! All clients are recommended to bring additional props for the photos... I.e an engagement ring *wink* *wink* lol or maybe a guitar or a book. As a creative, I love creating dynamic and informative experiences for my customers so not only will I pose you but I'll also explain the importance of posing so when you leave me you'll know your angles and best poses! This experience is perfect for singles looking to make IG-worthy posts, couples wanting to try a different dating setting, or small groups looking to enhance the bond they already have! To remember the awesome time you had with me I will gift you with a printed picture in a frame from the pictures we took to take with you! Let's get creative and have fun! Accepting Date Requests! 5 edited pictures will be provided! Please Ask me questions!

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